Dr. Vikram Yadav
August 5, 2019

Helen obtained her medical degree in 1988 from the University of Otago. She completed GP Registrar training and worked as a GP for ten years. She then retrained in Psychiatry and obtained sub-specialist qualifications in Forensic Psychiatry. She worked for ten years as a Forensic Psychiatrist in Christchurch and during this time developed an interest in the topic of vicarious trauma. She has conducted research in this area and has written articles for the NZ Law Society on this topic. She has also presented on vicarious trauma at a number of conferences, most recently at the New Zealand Paediatric Society Child Protection Group Annual Meeting. She also has an interest in professional supervision and has provided supervision to doctors and lawyers for several years (www.mindfix.nz). She has had a longstanding interest in physician wellness and has written an article for the NZMJ on the role of supervision for senior doctors (Austin H. Supervision for superheroes: the case for reflective professional supervision for senior doctors. New Zealand Med J 2016;129 ), as well as attended a number of international conferences on this topic.

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