Dr. Vikram Yadav
August 5, 2019
Chris Betts
August 5, 2019

Amanda received her degree in Psychology (MA hons) from Edinburgh University in 1996. She became interested in mental health towards the end of her degree and decided she wanted to train as a Clinical Psychologist. Getting into the training programme is extremely difficult so she worked as much as she could in mental health to gain experience. She had stints as a volunteer in drop in centres, as a nursing assistant in a psychiatric hospital and as a support worker in a mental health team before becoming an assistant psychologist in a Clinical Psychology Department. Looking back, these experiences were invaluable in terms of meeting and working with so many people on their mental health journey. She qualified as a Clinical Psychologist (D.Clin. Psych) in 2005 after 3 years of clinical training and research and started working in Glasgow before deciding on a move to New Zealand in 2008.  Her current post is Senior Psychologist in an Adult Mental Health team.

Until recently Amanda and her partner ran a business so she had to learn a range of new skills and also found out first-hand how stressful it is being an employer, accountant, office manager, marketing manager,  laundry maid and dishwasher. She has 2 young children so she is very aware that there are times of high stress in our lives and times where burnout can feel inevitable.

Amanda has had an interest in mindfulness since her training and still clearly remembers her first mindfulness exercise (she was asked to eat a tomato and didn’t like it!). Mindfulness has become part of her life and an important part of her work. Amanda teaches clients these skills on a daily basis and notices that most people can get something out of this approach, whatever their circumstances.

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