Dr. Amanda Smith
August 5, 2019

Chris has obtained a New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing and works as a mental health support worker.

Chris is a self-taught artist who believes you can teach an old dog new tricks. Chris has found the most important elements that have enabled him to get to where he is now are practice and ongoing self-analysis (learning by his mistakes).

School offered Chris few opportunities to engage in art, so he naturally gravitated towards appreciating gallery collections in both England and Europe. He also received inspiration from his father through his use of colour as a painter and decorator and the beautiful countryside which surrounded him growing up in East Anglia in the United Kingdom.

Chris and his wife moved to New Zealand during 2008 and for the first three years they lived in Invercargill where Chris happened upon an exhibition of printmakers. Printmaking captured his attention in a way no other medium had previously, from the conception of an idea, the first drawing, the carving and finally the first glimpse of the print on paper.

Chancing upon the printmaking exhibition took Chris upon a journey which allowed him to explore not only the medium but also his own creativity as a new migrant to a new land. Being a new migrant provided him with a unique view point from which launched a dialogue in the printed image of the world around him.

An accomplishment as a printmaker was achieved when Chris won the Southland Art Society’s Provincial Pride award for the most original art work and The Essence of Southland in 2010. The awards provided a great boost for Chris’s confidence and spurred him to continue on.

During 2011 Chris was invited to be a guest artist at Invercargill’s Anderson Park art gallery which he accepted with great enthusiasm. The Work on Paper exhibition provided him with an opportunity to display his work with three established New Zealand printmakers.

In 2011 Chris and his wife moved to Blenheim where he joined the Marlborough Arts Society. He achieved success in the Member’s Annual Exhibition 2012 where he received a merit award.

More recently Chris has been concentrating on life drawing and portraiture, both of which are challenging but ultimately rewarding. Chris enjoys studying value and tone which naturally leads him to utilize form and colour, so watch this space as Chris has more colour contemporary portraits waiting to be exhibited.

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